UView 3D Interactive Experience with No Doubt

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No Doubt have shared and are promoting the new UView 3D app that you can download from iTunes and Google Play which you can use to make the Push and Shove album cover (and we’re hearing the Speakerbox and trading cards) come to life! It looks pretty funky when you use it, but pretty unique and cool!

No Doubt — See No Doubt’s music come to life with this brand new augmented reality app from UView! Download the app now for free on iTunes or Google Play and follow the steps below for an interactive experience with the Push And Shove album cover.

1. Download the app on iTunes or Google Play
2. Open the app and point your phone at the Push And Shove album cover below. You can also scan it over a poster, billboard or digital image of the album cover.
3. Watch the Push And Shove album cover come to life in 3D!

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