US Push and Shove Album Release Details and Show Pricing

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No Doubt have posted a thorough list of all the upcoming editions and releases for Push and Shove. They also provided more on ticket pricing for the upcoming Gibson shows.

No Doubt — For the soon to be released Push And Shove album configurations and Gibson Amphitheatre show dates, there are a number of pricing options available to fans.  Below is an outline of those options in the USA.

NOTE: Please understand that in most retail circumstances neither the band nor their record label can legally set the final sale price. In addition, there will be various international forms of the album – for those configurations, local markets, laws and currencies may also lead to different prices in different regions and countries.

$9.99 – Standard CD Album (11 tracks) – $13.98 is the suggested list price, however some retailers are expected to price this as low as $9.99 for at least the album’s first week
$11.99 - Standard Digital Album (11 tracks)
$13.99 - Deluxe Digital Album (14 tracks + bonus track)
$14.99 - Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition (19 tracks)
$17.98 – Walmart Exclusive ZinePak (11 tracks w/ 68-page magazine, trading cards and pull out poster) – expected to be discounted for the album’s first week
$25 - Picture Disc Vinyl (11 tracks)
$175 - Super Deluxe Limited Edition Speaker Box (14 tracks)

Tickets start as low as $74.50.  Exact details of pricing tiers, locations and what is included with VIP tickets will be included when the public on sale date for these shows is announced.

$74.50 plus service charges
$99.50 plus service charges
$115 – ND2012 Club Tickets (best seats in the house – pre-sale begins today at 4:00 PM Pacific, INCLUDES ticket service charges and ND2012 Club perks and commemorative items 
$125 plus service charges
$250 VIP plus service charges
$375 VIP Party plus service charges

5 Replies to “US Push and Shove Album Release Details and Show Pricing”

  1. Do you got a picture of the walmart exclusive Jenny I didnt see one on the website & might cancel my preorder of Targets for that one, as I’d love the poster & 68 page magazine.

  2. Ugh. Why am I even fighting it? I’m going to end up buying it from iTunes because I want to listen to it at work and won’t be able to go to Target/Wal Mart until afterward. Obviously, I want that zinepak thing! The target album is super sweet too! And if I’m already going to be buying it three times, why not just go ahead and get the limited edition thingie? Hahaha. I knew this was going to happen.

  3. I asked Walmart on facebook they weren’t any help at all. Hopefully someone gots a pic of it. I might get both when I can afford a second one money is tight & I wanna have enough money to see them on your and get merchandise there as well lol.

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