Tweets: Tom Shares That News May Be Coming This Monday (Updated)


Tom also shared on Twitter today that “may be another tidbit of ND news” coming this Monday! He confirmed that the news doesn’t involve an announcement for SXSW.

Tom responded to a fan on Twitter and confirmed that as far as he knows, No Doubt will NOT be performing at SXSW with Austin that a source was reporting last night. He also answered that for the moment he had nothing to share on the news front but it really looking forward to hitting the stage with No Doubt in May. The band is set to perform at Bottlerock Napa, Rock In Rio USA and Jazzfest in New Orleans.

Tom also recently debunked the rumor of No Doubt’s unreleased track from their Push and Shove sessions, “Psycho”, might be appearing on an upcoming film soundtrack.

We hope to hear more soon from the band and we’re excited for the fans who are lucky enough to see them this summer!

In case you missed it, check out Tom’s latest interview with the Long Beach Post about a few upcoming projects he’s been working on and touring with No Doubt.

16 Replies to “Tweets: Tom Shares That News May Be Coming This Monday (Updated)”

  1. If only Gwen would finally stop talking about working on a new ND album… Who does she think she’s fooling? This 2013 material hasn’t been touched since, well 2013 lol.

    I think there could still be some truth to that SXSW gig. Maybe it will be a solo gig and there was some sort of mix up. Or maybe it is a last minute decision and Tom didn’t get the memo lol.

  2. He seems to be just as lost as all the fans… I really thought he’d be part of giving consent on behalf of ND when itd come to booking a gig (what if he’s not available?)—- and as far as this “psycho” song being used for a feature film, “who knows I’m often wrong”—-if Tom is this much in the dark I can only imagine how much Adrian must not know. Is this bad management? So confused

  3. I think sometimes management works out deals and presents them to an artist or their client to see if they are interested in “signing on”. What i mean by that is if management is in talks of using a ND song they may not have the official update to tell the band that the movie company is ready to hear the song.. I just dont think we can jump to conclusions.

  4. I don’t expect any news on Monday. Tom said there “may be” something, so it’s obviously still unclear at this point. Lowered expectations as usual.

  5. Probably another live show… I wish it was something related to the 20th anniversary of Tragic Kingdom. Now that would be awesome.

    1. Even if ND planned something for the 20th anniversary of TK, wouldn’t they plan it for October since TK was released in October 1995?

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