Tweets: Working On “Dreaming The Same Dream”

And they are at it again — via Facetime and Skype! The boys teamed up with Gwen tonight (whom is still in London) from their new Santa Monica studio. They are still working on “Dreaming The Same Dream” together, new chord change and all. They seem to be putting a lot of work into this one and we know this “beautiful” song is going to be amazing! We wish them the best of luck and cannot thank them enough for all the support and keeping fans up to date!

Our engineer Matty wins the “best t-shirt of the day” contest

Spike Stent is in a good mood

new studio every month! Santa Monica for January-Tom “@nodoubter29: @nodoubt G are you in the studio the band used for ROCK STEADY?”

@yelyahwilliams @Paramore heard Decode on the radio today on the way to the studio and thought of y’all. Happy new year! -Tom

Can’t wait to get home and inn the studio w u guys!! I’m sooooo left out over here gx

@melissadames cross process

Gwen we’re gonna Skype you in 10. New chord idea for Dreaming! Try to stay up

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