Tweets: More Work On “Push and Shove”

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Too funny! Tony Tweeted this morning that he ordered an epic looking wizard outfit for producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent. We wish them another great day in the studio! Tom confirmed to us that the band are continuing work on mixing “Push and Shove” today.

@tomdumontnd @beaconstreet @gwenstefani @tonykanal
@adrianyoungnd @markspikestent YES and can’t wait til everyone
gets to crank it up!

@nodoubt @markspikestent IS the Wizard!

@gwenstefani Wizard!! Is mixing !!!! Gx

@tonykanal @gwenstefani @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND
Wizard outfit for @markspikestent has arrived! On its way now.

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