Tweets: “We’re all recording today”

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Awesome! Tony tweeted some great pics of the band in the studio today while recording. We hope they had a really creative day!

3 Replies to “Tweets: “We’re all recording today””

  1. I am still amazed how fast they are progressing this time! Well, okay they have many people helping them writing and producing this time, but it’s still amazing.

  2. I felt like P&S was not engaging to listen to– BSC+TK had this energy and excitement to draw you in, RoS had amazing lyrics and new ideas, RS had an amazing vibe and was a lot of fun– even LAMB and TSE were so weird and original, it was fascinating to listen to– but P&S felt lackluster. It also didn’t have the confidence behind it. I hope for some exciting things to come.

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