Tweets: Tuesday Afternoon Vocals

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The band is back in the studio sharing photos of Gwen in the vocal booth recording. Tony also shared a Tweet wishing the band congratulations for their 25th anniversary! Tomorrow marks 25 years to the day where the band performed live for the first time, March 14, 1987, at Fenders in Long Beach, California! Tomorrow we will be celebrating so stay tuned!

@yelyahwilliams Thank you- crazy, right? sending ND love to the @paramore family! -Tom

Me and my favorite hat of life gx

Just took a long drive to oc listening to the 5 song contenders for the first single- what will it be?!! This is getting crazy exciting. Gx

Adrian, stop farting!

Happy Anniversary to my band! @nodoubt’s 1st club show was opening for The Untouchables at Fender’s in Long Beach 25 yrs ago tomorrow! -Tony

getting some vox done

Strike a pose!

Tuesday afternoon vocals

3 Replies to “Tweets: Tuesday Afternoon Vocals”

  1. beautiful series of pictures today!!! thanks to Gwen!!!
    Congratulations For the 25 years of the band!!!!

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