Tweets: Tony Bringing It In The Studio

The band is back again in the studio this afternoon. Isn’t it incredible how they pretty much give us a daily look into the process?

“@DOCWASH: bringing back the ska sound or going electro-dance like Hey Baby?” Ska reggae dance rock electro anthem ballads, all of it! -Tom

“@anaheimboynxd: @nodoubt you guys have any “attitude” songs a la “Ex-Girlfriend?”” Yes! -T

“@KieraJuku94: @nodoubt dedication, I like that! Lol, what’s the “anthem”?” I call it that. Its untitled, and massive. 🙂 -T

“@jhochman14: @nodoubt Which guitars are you using tonight Tom?” Gretsch Duo-Jet through the Roland JC120. Wicked. -Tom

Everybody’s gone home so it’s just me, Spike and Matty cutting guitars to the anthem. -Tom

Yep! Tony Kanal bringing it. Adrian