Tweets: Tom Guesses New Music Out This Year

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Tom was pretty chatty last night with a few lucky fans and answered a few questions about the new album.

He confirms that he doesn’t know for sure when the new music will be out, but guesses this year. Tom also said it’s been hard promoting Push and Shove and working on the new album at the same time… so one had to give. He finishes by saying that the new songs are great!

2 Replies to “Tweets: Tom Guesses New Music Out This Year”

  1. Complicated? To be quite honest, the whole dropping promotion on P&S was too weird. It was supposed to be a “comeback” album and all of the sudden it fades away… I don’t get it and it’s suspicious why the heck did they announce a tour for a crowd on a TV show to call it quits. Sad and made me loose faith on te band.

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