Tweets: “We’re Recharging Our Batteries”

Tom took to Twitter to last night and elaborated to a fan that the band is taking the summer off to spend time with their children. He continued by saying he’s not sure when the band is planning on heading back into the studio and says that they are using this time to “recharge their batteries”.

We as fans here appreciate and understand that family comes first and we hope they have an incredible summer off.


Tom thanked fans on Twitter this afternoon for their patience and understanding. We love and respect this band so much and wish nothing but the best for them. We hope they are enjoying their time off with their families and friends.

61 Replies to “Tweets: “We’re Recharging Our Batteries””

  1. I love No Doubt and I hate reading negative comments about them, but It’s really getting boring all this “time off” they’re having. It’s not like they have a normal 9-5 job with bills to pay, I don’t think they realise sometimes how lucky their lives are. I feel like they’re taking the piss.

  2. They should probably release this real soon. Condidering that the kind of album it seems they’re going for, with all it’s “hip” producers, will probably sound dated in a year.

  3. Whoa! I can’t believe my eyes. Some No Doubt fans seem to have hit a new low lately. If they want to release this album in 2020 they can do it. It’s a selfish process but we all know we’ll only hear the new music once they’re ready. Until then, quit your bitching. Go listen to their old music and P&S album.
    Of course they want to spend time with their children in the summer. Kids grow up in the blink of an eye. So let them enjoy their moment.

  4. I agree that it sucks the delays and lack of music and tour but remember it hasn’t even been a year since the last album. Some of you need to listen to bands who biggest delay in recording is rehab stints not a band that cares about their family. This is their lives and this is what they chose to do.

    1. That’s true but I think it would be easier to take comfort in that if they hadn’t of cancelled a whole era for this “new” album. We didn’t even get to hear majority of the album played live, or even non acoustic versions.

  5. That said, No Doubters are the most patient fans around! Fact. We waited for the P&S album for years, so I’m sure we can wait a little more for this new album, that we were not expecting to happen anytime soon, to start with.

    It’d make me very happy if they could at least release the 1st single at Christmas though…

    1. I too am hoping for a winter single release possibly. It would make sense if they planned on at least finishing up the album by the end of the year and then maybe a Spring album release.

  6. Didn’t the band justify canceling the summer tour to work on new music throughout the whole year? (We all know the real reason, but whatever)

  7. As a ND fan, I think we are too demanding of the band. They are a veteran band at this point. New music is a gift, not a necessity. I mean look at other age-equivalent bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers. They release albums at a similar rate. We are lucky they are still together to be honest.

    1. I agree, and I think fans too hard on them. I can say that I am bummed about how the whole era panned out and the postponed tour but again, we have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes at this point and they do have their own lives. We all just need to stay supportive.

  8. They don’t owe anybody anything. Plus you can’t rush these things. They released an album less than a year ago.
    However, they’ve been acting like old farts. they aren’t a veteran band. Many bands are just reaching their prime in there early/mid 40 s. (radiohead, the knife, cat power to name a few)
    yet they act tortured and exhausted when they have to write a song. You ain’t that old!

    The lack of backbone and confidence around the last album I think bothered a lot of fans. So now it seems like they can do no right.

  9. @Doom – I agree about the tortured/exhausted act when they are in the studio.

    When they are on a break does Tom figure out chords on his own or does Gwen write a few lyrics randomly and then they reconvene to try and make it work? I wonder…

  10. I guess all of this would be easier for us to swallow, if they hadn’t promised “new music in 2013”. I think most of the frustated reactions are totally understandable. ND just haven’t learned anything from P&S. They have been teasing us will all those photos and tweets from the studio again since December 2012 and then it all stopped. Fans are frustrated? Surprise, surprise…

    No, they don’t owe us anything, but they keep on teasing us only to let us fall over and over again.

  11. Doom, The Knife aren’t that old.

    No Doubt but especially Gwen is a living legend. They don’t need to prove anything. Of course if they released another successful album it’d help them to cement that idea, especially among a new generation. But they already got their shining star.At the very least they will be forever remembered for Don’t Speak and TK as one of the best selling singles/albums of the 90s. That alone would be enough. (Of course there’s so much more…)

  12. I don’t see how anything at all can happen this year. We are probably looking at sometime next year…assuming they get inspired again. I was really hoping they’d hit the studio again when Gavin’s tour ended. What happened to the momentum?

    And I agree with YEAHYEAH that they should not have mentioned a possible 2013 release. I didn’t believe it anyway, but they should be more careful about that kind of thing…especially after we had to endure a 10 year wait LOL Whatever, at least Tom fessed up and we can hold no expectations this summer besides pap shots.

  13. In 2000/2001 Prince told Gwen while working on So Far So Pleased (after the original Waiting Room sessions)… (I suppose in the mid-RoS “flop”) that she shouldn’t worry to write deep, meaningful music, but just try to write hits. That advise hit the spot and helped fuel the Rock Steady age and ushered in Solo Gwen. Good advise then, but I think it’s expired. I feel like they, as people, have now matured and don’t need to be these hit machines anymore. They can sit down and focus on meaningful music. I think fans would be a lot more impressed with a RoS style album than a RS one right now. Just my thoughts… don’t worry about making pop hits, worry about making music.

  14. Yeah, I agree with Amanda. I don’t see them returning to the studio this year anymore. Assuming they’ll take all summer off to spend time with their families that would include August too. Well, and after August we’re already facing the holiday season with Thankgsgiving, Helloween and of course Christmas coming up. They’ll probably want to spent that time with their kids, which is perfectly understandable, but that basically means that they won’t be back to work until early 2014.

    Then they’d have spring 2014 to record and write some more until it’s summer again and it all starts all over again lol.

    I just don’t see how they can not work at least for a few hours a week even if they’re “taking a break”. Are we really supposed to believe that they are around their kids 24 hours a day during summer?

  15. Ugh, it’s always something with ND.
    First they were taking breaks because their kids were in school and now they’re taking another break because their kids are out of school.
    I think the new album won’t come out until 2015 or 2016. They really shouldn’t have said “new music in 2013”.

    1. Cynthia, if you feel that way please never buy another concert ticket. It’ll make it easier on the rest of us.

      They owe us nothing. Insanely immature to imply otherwise.

  16. I hear people saying they dont own us nothing… but then again, we are the ones buying their records and making them rich. So yes, they do own us a bit.

  17. They need to stop forcing it.
    Maybe Gwen could pull off another magical solo era. As for ND, they struggled for over three years grasping for inspiration(and never really found it, IMO) for P&S, and here are again with the same setbacks. They want to spend time with family…fine, totally understandable. But how many parents don’t work these days? And yeah, they do owe us. We waited for nearly a decade for a disappointing album that any fans outside of California never even got to hear live.

  18. Why I’m so disappointed is we waited over 10 years for a new album and when we finally get one it turns out to be a poorly written overproduced album. And we didn’t even get a proper tour. It’s almost like waited all this time for nothing, because that’s what got something short of nothing. And now we get another set back. Other bands their age are still working harder than No Doubt and putting out higher quality music. And those bands have families to. I think families is only part of why No Doubt are lacking in their performance as a band. I think a big part of it is lack of motivation and desire. I think there hearts are as into it. Adversity promotes creativity and No Doubt doesn’t have as much adversity in their lives as they used to. It seems they’ve matured pass the things that used to motivate them. It seems they’re in retirement mode. I love No Doubt more than any artist which is why I’m so disappointed.

  19. I love Push And Shove and I think it’s an awesome album with great lyrics and production. But I remember what Gwen said in this interview:

    “We don’t even need to be making this record,” says Stefani.

    And then? Can we expect another 10 year gap? Stefani fires daggers across the room: “Don’t even think about asking us what comes next…”


    So, I wonder myself: Do they really wanted to tour after Push And Shove realease? Even without knowing about the low sales?

    And then: Do they really want to finish this new record? It’s clearly they don’t even “need”.

  20. The only thing that’s really sad is that this never felt like a real comeback in the first place. Everything about the P&S era was so half-assed right from the start and they never seemed like they REALLY care about that album all that much.

    It’s so weird… it basically feels like this is the extension of the hiatus that started 2003, because so far it hasn’t felt like ND are actually back. It’s like someone else said before: retirement mode.

    They just don’t seem to be into it anymore and I’m not only refering to the long “breaks”. I’m talking about the way P&S was handled: They just weren’t into it.

  21. I agree that Tom could have worded his tweets a little better, especially about their privilege of being 24/7 parents. In a real world no one spends all the time with their kids even during the summer.
    But are we really going to spend the rest of 2013 complaining about this? Bitching and bringing the band down won’t surely help ’em.
    And the so called fans are really suggesting they should call it a day and retire. Seriously? I don’t like that at all. If you’re not interested in No Doubt, then stop following them and go listen to other music. Just don’t ruin the party for everybody.

    1. Party? Really? Not trying to be snide or anything, but there is no party to be had. Our fanbase is the opposite of a party right now. Honestly I’m over here in a glass case of emotion.

    2. “Just don’t ruin the party for everybody.”

      Our fanbase is the opposite of a party right now. I don’t know about you, but I’m in a glass case of emotion over here.

  22. This whole “we need to spend time with our families” excuse is getting soooo old too. There are plenty of artists that have families and manage to make new music. Add to the fact that they all have stable significant others and Gwen has multiple nannies and I’m just not buying it.

  23. Since we are not happy we are “so called fans”. I adore ND, and yes I prefer them to be honest to us and to themselves… if things are not flowing and not working anymore, that’s nothing bad about calling it quits and retire the band. Lot’s of bands have done it and are still cherished by their fan base. Now be honest with yourselves, do you see any good news and new projects coming our way anytime soon? And that’s ok, but they need to be true and open, at least with us, the fans. It’s worse to be keeping things under wraps and having everybody guessing on what its going on.

  24. Cynthia, if they wanted to call it a day they’d have done it by now. It’s not you who should tell them to quit. Sorry but that’s pathetic and rude.

  25. OMG… Not saying they NEED to do it. Just saying that if they have a felling, it’s no longer working out, they can retire and their fans would still love and respect them for it.

  26. Ok got ya! Yeah but I don’t think they want to call it quits. Unless they’re under contract and must release one more album? Dunno!

  27. Yeah JosephLorenz, it’s so easy to blame women for everything, especially No Doubt’s front woman Gwen Stefani. Go on.

  28. Yeah lets not blame gwen. Gwen was able to have to have two kids right in the midst of her solo career, and did just fine. That just proves that the whole “kids need parents around” line is total bs.

  29. Jon, actually it was only one baby, back then. She had Zuma in 2008, right after her solo ended. And don’t even compare a baby who sleeps for hours with a kid who runs everywhere, goes to school, seeks attention of their parents most of the time. It’s not as easy as it seems. Not trying to find any excuses here, but if it’s their choice to fully concentrate on their family for now, then we have no other option than sit and wait in the corner for the new batch of music.

  30. I’m just glad Tom was honest about their summer plans… At least now we can go the rest of the summer (or maybe year) without any expectations of studio time or releases. That has alleviated some of my frustrations. Communication is key and sometimes ND suck at that. They do have a right to cherish this precious time with their kids since they grow up so fast and they are all at a fun/important age and need their parents. They are very lucky to be able to do that… And if their hearts are not into doing this anymore, then I think they should retire and do something else that they love. I don’t think that makes me a bad fan, just a realistic one.

  31. Sometimes you gotta live life so u could have something to write about… No point in rushing… They’ve always delivered quality music 🙂

  32. I think they enjoy seeing/reading about themselves on this website more than actually making music anymore… 🙁

  33. i see the trolls are out in force. the band doesn’t owe anyone anything… for pete’s sake, they are parents with little kids and want to spend some time with them while they are off school. any parent will tell you, you always wish you could have spent more time with your kids when they are older.

    they spent the spring holed up in a studio, probably working like mad so they could take the summer with their kids. add to that interviews, media crap and other priorities (clothing lines, guitar sponsorships, etc) and time gets thin. if you get the image of them as a garage band sitting on their asses in their basement, then you are living in a dream world.
    big deal, you don’t get new music right away. i’d rather they don’t fuck up their kids by putting them second. they are FIRST priority, and they have my respect if they want to be there for them. i respect that.

  34. It’s been very dissapointing all this thing, but I remember an interview Gwen gave sometime and she said that now she has a family, they are her number one priority and the second one is the band….so she obviously stated she was going to be with her kids all the time, that she wants a simple kind of life!! hahhahaha….Well I think all this happened because when they were recording P&S and went to Europe for a minitour, they realised how hard was to be away home without their families… and maybe wasn’t easy to take all of them to a tour, it could tire their kids out, I don’t know just wondering…I’m sad it is not going to be like TK or RS era, everything changes, but I’m very thankful with them, with all the music they made, they gave me very good memories….

  35. Just because fans are upset does not mean they are trolls…don’t discount them. They sound sincere and are not being cruel just for the sake of being cruel.

  36. I don’t anyone is just trolling or being ungrateful. I don’t anyone wants them to retire or asking them to quit. Most of us that are commenting here are simply discussing the facts about the direction No Doubt has taken. Our disappointment is not from how we feel about the band or our loyalty as fans but rather we are reacting to the current state of the band. It is perfectly understandable to be disappointed after all the hype and waiting. I don’t anyone here hates the band we’re simply disappointed with the circumstances. Anybody that ignores the facts and acts as though No Doubt cannot do anything wrong is just sugarcoating and not being honest. I imagine most fans are disappointed because most fans are being normal.

    It annoys me when someone acts like the bands spoke person and feels the need to defend them especially when there is no need. I feel fans are normal and justified by being subjective and varying how they feel depending on what the band is doing. A person who pretends they love everything, claims everything No Doubt does is perfect and corrects anyone who expresses disappointment is not only being rude but is also being very fake. All the disappointed fans will welcome No Doubt when circumstances change. If we had a personal relationship with the band maybe we would be expected to be more understanding but it is the music and tours that drive the relationship regardless of what is happening in the bands personal lives. Thus if the music and touring is lacking the naturally that will affect the relationship with the fans.

  37. Well this all seems a bit weird to me. The way they were working overtime and tweeting out pix practically every day showing their studio work makes this abrupt break seem odd. I think something unexpected happened, because otherwise it seems pointless to have gotten fans’ hopes up with all that informal twitter PR they did. Tom saying “life is complicated” seems to also allude to something unexpected having interfered. Perhaps there are relationship problems, perhaps there are health issues…it’s impossible for us to really know.

  38. So I guess all that wiil be going on is stalker/paparazzi pics of Gwen around town, At first I was defending ND but when I read more comments my thougts shifted a little. Yes, family always comes first and their kids are lucky that they have such loving and stable parents. ***But…. Everyone else in the word who have kids still have to work and go to jobs everyday.**** And yes there are bands ND’s age and older who seem to be way more into it, putting out high quality work and are more focused then ND is. Also, fans waited 10 years for a new album.and tour just to have the whole thing cut short apparently in the name of making new music which is now seems to be on hiatus. As someone pointed out on here, any fans in the world outside of California never to to see any concerts during P&S. So yes, it’s their lives and they don’t owe us anything. They can live their lives however they want. I am not trying to criticise them because that’s not my place to do so. I’m just saying that if they see their fan base dwindle even more they shouldn’t really be surprised you know?

  39. Well if that happens it happens…they obviously have other things going on right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the pressure got to them and they decided they needed some distance from the whole P&S experience. I mean, it must’ve hurt to get the reception they got for this album, and trying to rush out another album on its heels to try to somehow “make up for it” didn’t seem like a well-thought-out strategy.

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