Tweets: Tom answers some questions

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How (typically) sweet of Tom! He took to Twitter to answer a fan’s question concerning a CD release party! It would be really awesome if there was one! He also confirmed that the band will performing a new song at the Teen Choice Awards!

@tomdumontnd Fixing schtuff 🙂 “@beaconstreet: @TonyKanal @TomDumontND @nodoubt Your shirt rocks, Tom. 🙂 Are you recording parts or adding new ones?”

@tonykanal @TomDumontND @nodoubt playing some last minute acoustic on “Undone”

@TomDumontND “@utndfan: @TomDumontND Will @nodoubt be doing a CD Release show if so will fans be able to attend or will it be private?” Don’t know yet!

@TNativo @TomDumontND @TonyKanal
@AdrianYoungND @gwenstefani awesome, can’t wait!!

(On if we will hear a new song at the TCA?) @TomDumontND @TNativo @tonykanal @adrianyoungnd
@gwenstefani Yes

@tonykanal @nodoubt the wizard cometh. @markspikestent doing a late night mix of “heaven”

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