Tweets: Today’s Acoustic Recording Session

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Tom shared that he has a good feeling about the band’s acoustic recording session today (he revealed last night that they will be recording four tracks as bonus songs).

@adrianyoungnd Ur up?

@adrianyoungnd Tk laying down acoustic bass for alternate (bonus) versions.

@adrianyoungnd Fabio, here is my new kit.

@adrianyoungnd Here we go.

@adrianyoungnd I’ve collected pics of people that have ND Tattoos. Once a day I am going to tweet a pic of each tat until the premier of the video.

@tomdumontnd Check tuning

@tomdumontnd Song 1, take 1


@gwenstefani Steve and Gabe gx


@gwenstefani Todd boy gx

@gwenstefani New video teaser on our site tomorrow morning!!!! Gx

@gwenstefani just starting to record acoustic tracks ! So much work to do today ouch!!!

@tonykanal @nodoubt I always drive by this awesome El Mac art #foreshadowing

@tonykanal @nodoubt on my way 2 the studio to record some acoustic versions of new songs today

@gwenstefani Roger we love u !!! Gx

@gwenstefani Recording all day today – just when u think u r all done … Gx

@tomdumontnd I have a really good feeling about today’s acoustic recording session. But by the end of the night, I expect my fingertips to be bleeding.

@tomdumontnd 1940’s Harmony arch top. Wicked. “@lajakes_aaron: @TomDumontND what kind of guitar is that?”

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