Tweets: Three Down; “Settle Down” Next

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Tom shared today that the band have three songs done: “Easy”, “Dreaming The Same Dream” and “Push and Shove”. Tom says that he’s thinking “Settle Down” will be the next song to be mixed.

@tomdumontnd @EITnd “Looking Hot” is pretty rocking. There are a coupla epic gtr solos on the record- 🙂

(“Settle Down”) @tomdumontnd @nnub actually its more upbeat dancehall! 🙂

@tomdumontnd @NoDoubtBrasil everyday is a surprise! Nothing special that I know of happening Wednesday…

@tomdumontnd @beaconstreet @nxd2012 back on Monday

@tomdumontnd @beaconstreet @nxd2012 I think Settle Down

@tomdumontnd @NXD2012 @markspikestent yep 3 down!

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