Tweets: Surprise Coming Today (New Photos!)

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Webisode 7 is now up!

Eeep! No Doubt posted on Twitter last night that “a surprise” is coming today (since they posted last night) and included some unreleased teasers from photo shoots that we have been dying to see! Any guesses on the surprise? New webisode? Tour dates? New video? Photos?

If you’re anything like us, keep glued to the official site and Twitter today!

@nodoubt Uploading right now…..

@nodoubt Only a few more hours………

@nodoubt Coming soon! Stay tuned.


@nodoubt There’s a surprise coming tomorrow No Doubters – More hints coming soon!

11 Replies to “Tweets: Surprise Coming Today (New Photos!)”

  1. I personally think it’s a new webisode with footage from the band’s promo photo shoots. It’s too early for more tour dates, but they have surprised us with those in the past!

  2. A new music video? A new single (Push and shove hopfully)? A B-side? (psycho) a webisode? I love the first picture and I agree with Doodle her “Shirley Manson” like bun is great, I am loving Shirleys new look latley, but the second and third pictures look really awkard XD haha

  3. If its a new single I think the single will be Gravity… I was shopping last week in Cleveland, OH and heard it in the store while I was shopping. I still haven’t heard Looking Hot get radio airplay anywhere.

    1. I don’t think Gravity should be the next single, either Push and Shove be the next one or one more summer, Toms guitar playing at the beginning will defiantly wow everyone

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