Tweets: Stent is at it this morning

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Spike Stent is in the studio way early this morning and the band is amazed! Also, it looks like Gwen was looking through some of the media buzz surrounding the album last night and it got her amped! I bet they are all just excited as we are!

Tom has confirmed that the band are done mixing “Easy” and “Dreaming The Same Dream” and are starting on “Push and Shove” this morning.

@adrianyoungnd The wizard better known as Spike Stent is starting the “Push and Shove” mix today. Can’t wait to hear it.

@tomdumontnd @NoDoubtBrasil @markspikestent Push & Shove!

@gwenstefani this got me so excited i almost cried!!

@markspikestent @AdrianYoungND @TonyKanal @gwenstefani @TomDumontND @diplo Magic desk fired up. Let’s go!!!

@TomDumontND @markspikestent Dude you are in the studio early this morning! Sorcerer!

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