Tweets: “Sparkle” Has A Reggae Feel

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Tom shared some of the first information about their new song, “Sparkle”, last night via Twitter. He mentioned that the song has a reggae feel to it and features a “killer” trombone solo from Gabe. Tom also says the song sounds “stoney”… we’re still curious what that means. He also referred to an early version of “Gravity” as well like that. We are so digging the reggae vibes coming from this record so far! It’s still assumed that “Sparkle” might be inspired by a leftover track from Gwen’s The Sweet Escape session with Dave Stewart.

@tomdumontnd yes & killer Tbone solo! @GabrialMcNair “@nodoubternate: Does it have that reggae feel? @TomDumontND @markspikestent @nodoubt”

@tomdumontnd Mixing: Sparkle @markspikestent @nodoubt Sounds stoney

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