Tweets: Tom Says The Band Is “So Close”

Tom Tweeted from the studio afternoon that the band is “so close” to being done with the new album! 2012 has been pretty eventful so far and we know it’s only going to keep getting better! Gwen also shared that Interscope head Jimmy Iovine is joining them tonight in the studio.

@tomdumontnd @Tony: “Push and Shove” G’night folks!

@tomdumontnd @NXD2012 mixing in April. release date unknown…

@tomdumontnd @AntoinetteGags as soon as we get the date, we’ll let you know.

@gwenstefani Making music gx


@gwenstefani Jimmy Iovine is in the house! Ps: and so is my favorite hat 🙂 gx

@tonykanal I know I’ve said this before but @markspikestent showing u how 2 mix is like Ben Kenobi showing u how 2 use the Force

@tomdumntnd “@joeyishellagood: @TomDumontND Do you enjoy teasing us, Tom???” Sorry, just getting excited. 🙂

@tomdumontnd Sooo close folks!

@tomdumontnd “@AnthonyGorry: Loving today so much….MUSIC LOVE ..@markspikestent @nodoubt @tomdumontnd
@adrianyoungnd @tonykanal @gwenstefani” Me 2!

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