Tweets: “Settle Down” Video Shoot Day 2

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Click here for some exclusive photos and details from the set!


As soon as we leaked the information about where the band was filming the “Settle Down” video (Downey, California), I knew that fans would flock! Fan Ben headed down to the area and spotted a couple things for everyone that he wanted to share! It seems as if No Doubt will be performing at some point in the video outdoors! Gwen was seen rocking a familiar buns look with a french twist and the bum-flap seems to be back! Lights were dangling from everywhere and Adrian’s new light-up rasta drumkit was atop a truck (similar to the ‘idea’ photo the band had posted on Twitter)! Sounds really interesting and different and we’ll keep you posted if we find out more info!

Thanks to Dash as well for this — apparently you had to use binoculars to see the band! Gwen’s bodyguard, Curtis, was seen walking around approaching fans that he saw peering in. It was filmed next to Downey Landing and Studios.


The Insider also posted a short article (with info we already know) about the video shoot and the band’s upcoming releases. It bugs though that they refer to the album’s title as “Settle Down”. We’ve commented on their story though so hopefully it’s changed!

It’s day two of the video shoot (which we were told is happening in Downey, California!) and Tom shared this afternoon that they will be keeping the concept a secret! Hopefully they share more again with us today!

Last night (well, this morning) the band were busy filming the video until 4:00 AM! We’re guessing from what we’ve seen and heard that maybe the band will be driving around in cars (guessing from their Tweet last week), at night or early morning and possibly in a desert setting. Sounds great though — we’ll have to see!


@nodoubt Greetings!

@tomdumontnd about 9 hrs to go! Vid shoots are like snowballs, they speed up as it gets later “@nd_adam: @TomDumontND close to wrapping up the vid??”

@gwenstefani Hair do gx

@gwenstefani Day 2

@tomdumontnd Our tour date announcements will come from @nodoubt “@JunkieJacks: @TomDumontND Do you already plan your tour dates?”

@tomdumontnd keeping the concept secret so it’ll be a surprise. 🙂 “@NoDoubtBrasil: @TomDumontND Can you give us an idea of how the video will be?”

4 Replies to “Tweets: “Settle Down” Video Shoot Day 2”

  1. I’m guessing that the concept has to do with touring, hence the cars and the desert location. It makes perfect sense with the song.

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