Tweets: Rock That $(&/!!!!! Tony

Adrian just shared a photo from the studio today of Tony jamming out!

@tomdumontnd 2009 No Doubt Tour plectrum

@tomdumontnd Pedals + Moog

@tomdumontnd “@RenataLuizand: @TomDumontND For how long have you been working on “push & shove”? Is it the hardest song? ” It’s becoming epic!

@tomdumontnd “@adam_jordan: you guys seem to be working on Push and Shove a lot…” It’s getting great so gotta make it perfect. Same w a coupla others

@tomdumontnd “@NXD2012: @nodoubt what song are you working on right now? lots of bass lay down today?” still trying to crack the code on ‘push & shove’

@tomdumontnd “@singitforthem: @TomDumontND will you guys ever release an ROS live DVD?” I don’t think we filmed that tour unfortunately

@nodoubt More Tony:

@adrianyoungnd Rock that $(&/!!!!! Tony

3 Replies to “Tweets: Rock That $(&/!!!!! Tony”

  1. I’m thinking so, too! That is one of the tracks I was always most excited for. Just how they have been describing it and it features Busy Signal!

  2. I have to agree!!! With all the hype around “One More Summer” though, I think it is my most anticipated. I hope they save it as a second or third single though if it is really that good and have their first one as a really fun, radio friendly song to kinda welcome them back!

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