Tweets: Rehearsing “Start The Fire”

Wow! Now THIS is what I’ve been waiting for! No Doubt Tweeted a teaser photo with lyrics to Rock Steady‘s “Start the Fire” (my personal favorite off the album) which leads us to think they are possibly rehearsing it. I think it’s brilliant of No Doubt to bring back some of these goodies that many fans were not able to see live. Also feeling more and more jealous of all the lucky fans heading to Los Angeles to see the band in about a month!

Facebook — “Go on and baby get the lighter. We’re gonna start the fire.”

3 Replies to “Tweets: Rehearsing “Start The Fire””

  1. If they don’t play “New,” “Undercover,” “Easy,” and “Dreaming,” I want a refund. I already saw the Rock Steady tour.

  2. They have to play their whole new album in the shows, come on, it’s been 11 years!!! That being said, I’d be very looking forward to hear “Start The Fire” live, I LOVE THAT SONG

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