Tweets: Rehearsing “Oldies”; Polls End Tonight

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Tom Tweeted to fans saying that the band is back at rehearsals tonight, even rehearsing some “oldies”. As of now, we know that the band has been practicing both “End It On This” and “Ex-Girlfriend” (which were hits on the 2009 tour). The two polls, where No Doubt fans are able to vote for their favorites off of the debut album and the Beacon Street Collection are ending tonight.

Click here to vote for your favorite BSC track on the band’s Facebook page and Tweet your favorite from No Doubt with the hashtag of your choice to @nodoubt. Which songs did you vote for?

8 Replies to “Tweets: Rehearsing “Oldies”; Polls End Tonight”

  1. I like the song “Rock Steady” but I really hope that isn’t one of the “oldies” they are rehearsing. We already heard on the 2009 tour!

  2. I love “End it On This” (one of my absolute favorites). I would particularly love to hear lots of NEW-wave stuff this time around since it’ll fit in so well with all of these amazing new songs.

    Ideal Setlist:
    1. Looking Hot
    2. Ex-Girlfriend
    3. Dreaming The Same Dream
    4. New
    5. Undercover
    6. Settle Down
    7. Spiderwebs
    8. Sparkle
    9. Spiderwebs
    10. Hey Baby (I know, but it’s inevitable)/Open The Gate (Gibson shows)
    11. Push and Shove
    12. Underneath It All
    13. Sunday Morning
    14. End It On This
    15. One More Summer
    16. Don’t Speak
    17. Easy (epic outro)
    18. Hella Good

    If they’re going to do a pre-Tragic Kingdom track, I would LOVE to hear Open The Gate again :). Remember this ?!

    I think if they’re going to go with a Rock Steady track, it should definitely be “Don’t Let Me Down.” It’s a huge fan favorite, but it also translated incredibly well live. Plus it would fit in so well with “Undercover” and “New.” I was so stoked when Adrian said they’d play it live again. I loved his description of watching the most unsuspecting people singing along. It brought the house down the two tours prior the GH.

  3. It’s so hard to choose just one! I love Total Hate and it looks like it’s going to win, but we’ve heard that so many times before…I’d rather them do something a little more rare. Something special for long-time fans…

  4. Man, I’d be so stoked if “Open The Gate” and/or “Stricken” came back. I’m also pro-“New” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” They were highlights of their Kansas City show.

    I think “Looking Hot” will be a greater opener, too. Gwen kept hinting at remixes. I would love it if the guys would record a rehearsal of that song (just the guys), record it, and then lay Gwen’s album vocal over it…it’d make a KILLER remix, plus all the Alternative stations would play it.

  5. I voted for Open the Gate too LOL I also love Greener Pastures, but it’s probably too long and too dark for the theme of the next tour.

    I love love love Don’t Let Me Down. Acoustic or fast!

  6. Beacon Street: My favorite is Squeal, but let’s be real: “Open The Gate” is a fucking behemoth. Seventeen years later that song still sounds like a modern hit, and there’s no way it could go wrong live. Moreover, it will please hardcore fans, but not to the detriment of fans that have never heard it before. It’s like “New”: You hear the chorus once and it’s permanently embedded in your brain.

    Caroline: I LOVE your setlist.

    David: I missed “New” SO much on the Summer Tour 2009. They need to bring it back. I like the idea of “Don’t Let Me Down,” too.

    I LOVE your idea of a “Looking Hot” “remix.” There’s not a single No Doubt song that has ever sounded so much better live. That song didn’t strike a chord with me until the Ellen performance. Sometimes I wonder why, on certain songs, producers can’t seem to capture that obvious magic — the essence of No Doubt. I agree that if they just recorded “Looking Hot” one morning in a studio the way they’ve been rehearsing it, and layer Gwen’s studio vocals on top, the single would go from being fun/silly to fucking brilliant. Since singles are what sell these days anyway, I don’t see the harm in selling a different single version. It’s not like Pop radio is averse to, well, real drums or a loud bass. There’s actually a lot more of that now on Pop radio, even though there are still remnants of the shitty dance craze. I also liked the synths better in the live version because they were more 70’s/disco.

    I know they’ve shot the video, and probably to the album version, but they can just do the album version “live” (in studio) and then make the same radio edit for the single version for radio, and they won’t even have to re-sync the video. I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS READ THIS :). LOOKING HOT (LIVE VERSION) IS (1) AMAZING (2) A BILLBOARD HOT 100 NUMBER ONE. Not that I don’t have faith in the one on the album–I quite enjoy it, but don’t think it makes nearly as much of an impact.

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