Tweets: Rehearsals Continue

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After all the hype this afternoon with the third webisode being released, the band Tweeted that they are back to rehearsals.

Gwen also shared that they are trying to figure out “the order of the album”… meaning the track list isn’t finished yet?

@gwenstefani Trying to figure out the order of the album . Challenging gx

@adrianyoungnd 5 days to “Settle Down”! Tom, she still needs your signature;)

@gwenstefani Our single goes to radio Monday !!! I’m serious!! Gx

@gwenstefani Rehearsals gx

@tomdumontnd I’m hearing that too many folks logged on and crashed the fan forum today…kinda exciting! 😉

@tomdumontnd At rehearsal, for those about to rock

@tomdumontnd Check out webisode #3 today with behind the scenes footage of us making the ‪#settledown‬ video.

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