Tweets: Rehearsals All Next Week

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While fans are waiting for the new “Settle Down” teaser this morning, Tom has been online to answer some of our burning questions!

Adrian also shared another wicked fan tattoo this afternoon — check out “Big City Train” Gwen!

@adrianyoungnd Here is another.

@tomdumontnd The settle down teaser is (supposed to be) live at at 9am, give it a minute. #crossingfingers

(On finishing acoustic tracks) @tomdumontnd @nodoubter29 we did not. Gotta finish them Monday

@tomdumontnd @NoDoubtBrasil rehearsals all nxt week

@tomdumontnd @kendakist @beaconstreet oh yeah, I forgot about the settle down teaser. Supposed to be up in 30 minutes or so!

@tomdumontnd ha! It’s Saturday- taking the weekend off! @kendakist @beaconstreet

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