Tweets: Playing Songs For Jimmy

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The band are back in the studio continuing to mix the new album. Today they are working on “Easy”, which Tom describes as “tremendous” and “epic”. Gwen also shared that Interscope head Jimmy Iovine has joined them today and is listening in. We wish them luck (and crossing our fingers for “Push and Shove” as the first single! We want more!)

@tomdumontnd @nodoubter29 @markspikestent Of course! Easy and Dreaming are done

@tonykanal @diplo come by anytime! @markspikestent is taking his first crack at mixing it tomorrow

@tonykanal i love this rock steady era pic…sitting courtside, drinks in hand, rocking our rock steady vans. good times.

@tonykanal @diplo @nodoubt we blasted a pre-mix “push and shove” in the studio today and everyone was bouncing off the walls

@gwenstefani Playing jimmy I songs!! Gx

@tomdumontnd @NXD2012 spike mixes it all day like a wizard. Then we come in, hear it and say “F yeah!” 🙂

(“Push and Shove” first single?) @tomdumontnd @NXD2012 still don’t know. Gotta figure that out ASAP! 🙂

@tomdumontnd @markspikestent is mixing “Easy” today. Sounds tremendous! Epic! @nodoubt

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