Tweets: Planning And Regrouping This Week

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Tom is answering some of our questions this afternoon and stated the this week the band is planning and regrouping. He shared that the band is “still kicking around ideas” for the album’s title and nothing is certain yet. Tom did say that band is planning on filming their new music video in mid June, as in a couple weeks from now! They also have plans for the video but are keeping it a secret… ahh! The band is still working on small tweaks to the album then heads to mastering.

@tomdumontnd A wee bit o’tweaking remains. “@nodoubternate: I see. So is the album fully mastered or is there still tweaking? @TomDumontND”

@tomdumontnd Yes! But thats a secret and if I told you…“@beaconstreet: @TomDumontND Do you guys have ideas already for what it’s going to look like?”

(On the new video) @tomdumontnd mid-June, so very very soon :-)! “@beaconstreet: @TomDumontND Do you when you guys will be filming the new video yet?”

@tomdumontnd @nodoubternate still kicking around some ideas, nothing certain yet. 🙂

(On if the band has picked an album title yet) @tomdumontnd @nodoubternate we’ve been planning and regrouping this week. many things on the horizon, another webisode is in the works for sure.

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