Tweets: Photo Shoot In Hollywood Today

Speechless. No Doubt is Tweeting photos today from their first photo shoot in Hollywood! So far what we’ve seen, it looks like they changed into three different outfits — plaid, goth-inspired and dressed up! Gwen’s been rocking a plaid two-piece suit, a black silk draped outfit and a striped top paired with a tight black skirt with a jacket and sunglasses. They all look so amazing and this is pretty surreal to us! Tom shared that the band have another photo shoot booked for this Saturday!

@nodoubt @tonykanal

@nodoubt Push and Shove!


@tonykanal @gwenstefani @nodoubt promo shoot underway

@nodoubt Photo time!

@tomdumontnd I’m not promising anything, but, the new webisode is close…so I am told. 🙂 Also FYI the Settle Down vid is looking awesome

@tomdumontnd @nodoubt promo photo shoot in Hollywood today. Good vibes!


@gwenstefani @nodoubt promo shoot underway

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  1. I really hate the hair and makeup on all the guys. It makes them look really old and they aren’t. Love all the clothes though!

  2. I was gonna say the same thing amanda! They all (exept gwen) are waay too old to pull off that bleached hair look. They just look like they are trying too hard to look young, and end up looking like a bunch of try-hards.

  3. I agree, I feel like they can still achieve the “rock star” look while being age appropriate. I really hate the eye-liner.

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