Tweets: “Nothing To Report At This Time”

During this downtime, we wanted to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest from No Doubt and their future plans.

We had reached out to them via Twitter and Tom mentioned how the band still doesn’t have anything to report. He also shared a photo on Instagram of his brand new GJ² Guitars’ “Glendora” and expressed his excitement to play onstage with it.

On behalf of No Doubt, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and support over the last few months. We appreciate the band taking time off for themselves and can’t wait to hear more from them soon. We sure miss No Doubt!

7 Replies to “Tweets: “Nothing To Report At This Time””

  1. Tom and Adrian could easily produce amazing music together. Gwen even launched new products during her pregnancy…I just don’t get it. I started missing them after they release Rock Steady and the feeling is still there *sigh*

  2. Oh well, let’s give them a little more of time. I guess No Doubt fans are already used to wait for long periods of time. Try to be more optimistic guys! It will eventually happen. I know, it will.

  3. More of the same. I appreciate Tom for being the only band member who cares about communicating with the fans at this time. I love the Instagram pictures and little updates. Thanks Tom!

  4. I have nothing but huge respect for Tom’s honesty, but we really have given them enough time already. We should just accept that nothing will happen anytime soon. I’ll be there whenever they decide to come back, but I just don’t have any expectations at this point.

  5. To be fair I guess it will primarily depend on the commitments they have already lined up for this year. I’m pretty sure Gwen has a full 2014 agenda already. Besides, she just had a baby, is recovering, getting back in shape again. Maybe in two months she’ll be ready to start playing the game again? It will also depend on her motivation. We have no idea if she will spend more time at home. Remember that she now has three children. If it was difficult until now, imagine from today onwards. BUT Gwen sometimes surprises… So who knows? Maybe she has something up her sleeve! *wishful thinking*

    1. well, in the downtime it’s nice to speculate. i imagine we’ll see some new music soon. HOWEVER, i’m getting an odd feeling gwen may release some solo stuff again, call it a hunch. still, they are sitting on some unreleased work prior to her pregnancy. hope that sees the light of day.

  6. i’m not in a hurry for tour or even new music – just wondering about Gwen and baby. Hope they are doing well. well deserved time of for the whole band and their families.

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