Tweets: No Doubt is Off to Europe


Tom just shared that the band has touched down in London!

@tomdumontnd In the uk. What a whirlwind, from Ellen to I heart to here…fun!

No Doubt shared tonight that they are now off to Europe together for some international album promo! Tony mentioned that they will be going to Paris. We wish them the best and safe travels!

@tonykanal iew from my room today. From the Vegas Eiffel Tower to the real one…Paris here we come!

@gwenstefani Make sure u watch all our tv stuff this week! CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow, E! special on Mon, Ellen on Tues and Weds. Off to Europe now!! Gx

@gwenstefani Iheart radio festival was amazing last night thank u!! Gx

@gwenstefani @pink that was amazing last night – u r class gx

@gabrialmcnair Last night was a very fun show. I was feeling the energy from all the ND fans that weren’t even in the room! Thank you all!

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  1. I Know, No Doubt has to travel. I just can”t help but worry, I prey that nothing but good things happen to them while they are out of the U. S. May they have a Good Trip and experience while they are on the road.

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