Tweets: No Doubt Back In The Studio; New Song “Looking Hot”

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The band has just revealed a new song title: “Looking Hot”!

Tom also mentions that “One More Summer” is his favorite track right now.

No Doubt are back in the studio this afternoon! They have been sharing photos of themselves while working on the new album and they all look amazing! We are curious to what they are working on today and it’s good to see Spike back with them! Good luck to the band and we will continue to share!

“@kendakist: Tom which song from the album is your favorite???” “Looking Hot” is sounding hot right now. But “One More Summer” is my fave
56 minutes ago
1 hour ago

Sexy. -Tom
1 hour ago
1 hour ago

Concentrating on new no doubt gx
1 hour ago

Studio yum! Gx
1 hour ago

The No Doubt studio sesh is thumping today…smiles all around! -Tom
1 hour ago
1 hour ago

7 Replies to “Tweets: No Doubt Back In The Studio; New Song “Looking Hot””

  1. Dan, Gabe has been photographed in the studio and they have mentioned a ska and reggae vibe in the studio so I think there will be plenty of them. I am with you on that one, too!

  2. Always have enjoyed the ska-reagge beats, more because it brings back the best memories from back @ Loara HS 96-99. The style, the culture, the stoner circle,lol. You helped bring OC out of its shadows. Good Luck with everything glad that you’re back in the studio. Make that good musik.

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