Tweets: “Next Week Will Have Some Big Things”

Tom shared early this morning that he thinks some “big things” will be happening next week while replying to fan whom asked if we would be getting any announcements soon.

He also confirmed that possibly the lyrics to “Looking Hot” that were shared by NME were misheard (“I’m a ragamuffin”). The song also was also said to have a “club pop beat” versus being “rocking” that the band has mentioned before. Tom says that it could be considered both.

@tomdumontnd I think this next week will have some big things happen.

(On misheard “Looking Hot” lyrics) @tomdumontnd I think it’s actually “…I’m a ragamuffin”

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  1. I hope it’s about the next single and that it’s Push and Shove. I’ve been wanting to hear the whole song so badly.

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