Tweets: Next Webisode Coming Quickly

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Great news! Tom confirmed that the next webisode should be coming “more quickly” now, finishing with “we’re rolling now!” The latest webisode, that debuted last night, is already getting positive reviews from critics!

The band is also back to rehearsals tonight! We wish them the best!

@tomdumontnd Same song but all new recording; ND style.“@IsrSach: “Sparkle” was the name of one unreleased song on Gwen’s solo album. Is the same song?”

@tomdumontnd At this point- performing! Plus Traveling. “@candiadams1: @TomDumontND Tom through this whole process what are you most excited for?”

@tomdumontnd no 🙂 “@terminalpreppie: @TomDumontND Is the Imperial March on the album?”

@tomdumontnd Yep“@beaconstreet: The sounds coming out the studio are incredible. I’m really happy with the direction! More rehearsals tonight?”

@tomdumontnd Done but needs mastering which takes one day. “@westcoastGREG21: @TomDumontND so the album is officially done or still mixing?”

@tomdumontnd next webisode should come more quickly, we’re rolling now! “@KieraJuku94: The horns sound awesome! Can’t wait for the next one!”

@tomdumontnd Looking Hot and Sparkle… “@tolivendienla: @nodoubt Hey Tom, What tracks were featured on the new webisode? It’s sounding amazing”

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