Tweets: New Webisode Next Week?

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Tom shared this afternoon that the band looked over the latest webisode edit yesterday and hopefully we will be seeing it next week!

And how exciting! Tom mentioned that after the video shoot next week, the band has press interviews, photo shoots and rehearsals planned! And not only will the band have televised performances in Los Angeles and New York, but they are heading to Europe!

@tomdumontnd @GwenStefaniBR after video it’s photo shoots, press interviews, rehearsals, then TV shows in LA, NY and Europe. Wish we could visit Brazil!

@tomdumontnd Day off today. Final mix tweaks tomorrow and vid filming next week 🙂 “@AmazingxU: @TomDumontND Hey Tom! What are you doing today?”

@tomdumontnd We reviewed webisode #2 edit yesterday. Hopefully Nxt wk? “@NXD2012: Is wondering and hoping for a new @nodoubt isode today or very soon?!”

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