Tweets: Tony Working On “Undercover”; Band Re-Tweets BSO

No Doubt just re-tweeted BSO! We asked Tom for more information on “Undercover”, and he responded saying there are two versions of the song they are working on, and trying to decide on one!

The band is back in the studio this afternoon doing some more work on “Undercover”. Tony looks so good and we agree, he is the best tightest bass player. We’re so excited for this track! They also announced that Momiji’s first stage of the signed dolls auction starts today!

Last night in the studio for a few weeks. Gotta celebrate our progress! Uh oh. -Tom
14 hours ago

“@beaconstreet: We cannot wait to hear “Undercover”! Anything more you can tell us about the track?” There R 2 versions. gotta decide on 1
54 seconds ago

Haha… -Tom
2 minutes ago

“@safireskeye: @nodoubt Seems like you have been logging in tons of hours at the studio.” Yes we really want it to be great. -Tom
57 minutes ago

The hands of a master
59 minutes ago

@momijiHQ auction is live now. Bid on dolls signed by Gwen.
1 hour ago

Tony is the tightest bassplayer in this hemisphere today. He is rocking “Undercover”.
1 hour ago

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