Tweets: More Photos From The Studio Tonight; “Gravity” Lyrics

No Doubt took to Twitter again tonight to share some more photos — including a screen shot featuring new lyrics to “Gravity”! It’s so incredible how the new album’s progress has been to us fans, especially ones like me who have been around for the last few albums! It’s so surreal the new era is almost here!

we think we cracked the code for Gravity!!!
32 minutes ago
40 minutes ago
2 hours ago
3 hours ago

Tom is pondering his dance moves for the next tour – Tony
45 minutes ago

Tom is similar to a lumberjack in that he also uses an axe – Tony
17 minutes ago

3 Replies to “Tweets: More Photos From The Studio Tonight; “Gravity” Lyrics”

  1. progress? to us fans? all they have shared so far is photos. at first it was exciting to see that they actually were in the studio trying to write new music, but the last couple of months it’s become a bit tired. I’m trying hard not to be too skeptical about this new album as I’ve been a dedicated fan for the last 15 years or so, but i feel that we really haven’t seen or heard any progress from the band on this new album. don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that the band is back together and that a new album is on the way, but I’m not sure i agree with us, the fans, having seen any progress with this new album. we, the fans, need to hear something soon.

  2. I agree… but I think getting more information about the songs themselves… it’s really refreshing. We haven’t heard about new songs since about 2001, and times have changed since the last record. It is awesome that they are taking us basically into the studio with them, I just really want to hear something. That is what is driving me nuts, knowing that it’s so close and and we are not able to hear anything for awhile.

  3. I hear you. I’m just surprised they haven’t given us just a little taste. You would think having completed eight songs (?) for the album already they wouldn’t hold back and would share just a five second snippet! I suppose, as a band, they’re in a difficult position.. many people (fans and critics) are waiting for this album and so much time has passed since they released any new music that they feel all eyes will be on them. As we all know, No Doubt take their time when recording.. and to be honest, if that’s what they have to do to make great music, let them take it! The writing and recording of Rock Steady went very quick and in my opinion is my least favorite (with the exception of one or two songs) music they’ve written. I haven’t been so excited for new music from them since Return of Saturn, and when that album finally arrived it totally succeeded any hopes I had. Let’s just hope that No Doubt stick to what they’re good at and what won us over.

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