Tweets: More International Press Today

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Tom revealed today that the band has another day of press interviews and will be back to rehearsing tomorrow! He also confirmed that the new video for “Settle Down” will be premiering on July 16th, the same day it’s hitting retailers and radio. Wishing them the best!

We also want to thank No Doubt for releasing the official artwork for “Settle Down” this afternoon! Unbelievable!

The band also shared a photo of themselves with a reporter from Rolling Stone Italy! We cannot wait to start reading these interviews and features!

@nodoubt More interviews 🙂

@nodoubt @gwenstefani @danilohair @gregoryarlt hanging before the next interview

@tonykanal excited about @SteveErle and Pete Black’s EXPOSURE photo exhibit tonight at @SirenStudiosLA

@nodoubt Today: lots of interviews and lots of coffee! @gwenstefani and @TonyKanal with Rex from Rolling Stone Italy

@nodoubt Be one of the first #NoDoubters to see the single artwork for #SettleDown

@tomdumotnd Settle Down – July 16

@tomdumontnd July 16th, so I’ve been told! “@chrisnXd: @TomDumontND @nodoubt when will the single be available for download?!”

@tomdumontnd premiere 16th I am told “@DearNoDoubt: @TomDumontND Just to make sure, will the video premiere before July 16th or not?”

@tomdumontnd Today’s ND agenda: international press interviews all day long. Tomorrow: back to rehearsals 🙂

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  1. Hi Guys! I found Tony photoshoot from Steve Erle, you can find it too on his website Celebrity section – pirtfolio 2, no links( It`s almost in flash( Photos are insane! They are really cool! By the way, Steve Erle post a photo on his twitter with snaps from this shoot 9 month ago.

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