Tweets: “Looking Hot” Video Set Shoot

The band some new photos this afternoon of the “Looking Hot” music video location. Guesses to what the theme of it is?

Thanks to Darren for revealing that they are filming the video on the Universal backlot.

@tomdumontnd California has a kind of beauty

@tomdumontnd More beauty

14 Replies to “Tweets: “Looking Hot” Video Set Shoot”

  1. @Matheus – Really? She’s ok, I haven’t been impressed with her last videos for them.

    I wish Mark Romanek would direct a video for them, he’s a bad ass.

  2. They posted another pic saying it was from the set so I think it’s safe to assume it’s for the Looking Hot video shoot! I also hope it isn’t Sophie again. Love her, but let’s change it up!

  3. @Anthony – Yeah it was! It’s one of my favorites from them.

    I remember the band saying he was really expensive, but it turned out so good. I just feel like Sophie’s newer videos are missing something. Anyway, hopefully we find out soon who’s involved.

  4. Horses-country-mexican style? I don’t see it matching Looking Hot hahahaha, unless it’s a cheesy comedy video ^^

  5. Well, I really liked the Settle Down video so I think Sophie still does I good job, but I think No Doubt need to expand their horizons a bit! They always talk about wanting to be inspired after all!

  6. i agree it’s good sophie isn’t doing this one. she does good stuff but just to mix it up, ya know? so many great vid directors out there. and don’t be bashin’ the ‘push and shove’ video! it’s fun! is it WAAAAY too simple and guerrilla style low budget? yes. BUT, we shouldn’t have gotten a video at ALL for it since interscope chose not to make it an official single (which is LAME cuz it’s my FAVE!!!). the fact that they went ahead and made a video on their own just for the FANS? proof that no doubt is the most humble, grateful, AWESOME act in music! i think this video for ‘looking hot’ is gonna be AWESOME! DYING to gabe and steve playing horns in a saloon with the guys at a bar maybe, with gwen wearing old fashioned can can wild west kinda outfit! sexytimes!

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