Tweets: Last Gibson Rehearsal

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The band has been sharing some photos during their last rehearsal at the Gibson Ampitheater in Los Angeles before their seven night residency this afternoon. Tony also shared a couple of photos backstage at Gibson of the band that are hanging on the wall — one from the Rock Steady tour and from 2009.

No Doubt kick off their first show tomorrow night followed by six more shows ending on December 6. We wish them the band the best of luck and we’re so excited for them and the lucky No Doubters who get to see them!

@tonykanal And this was 3 years ago

@tonykanal Backstage at Gibson Amphitheater. This was 10 years ago

@tonykanal Last day of rehearsals today! First show tomorrow night


@nodoubt Who’s ready to see this drum kit light up tomorrow?

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