Tweet: “Hopefully Back to Work Soon”

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It’s been over a month since we’ve last heard from the band and what they’re up to. Tom took to Twitter this afternoon to explain that the band is taking a much understandable and needed break. He also says that he hopes No Doubt is back to work soon.

51 Replies to “Tweet: “Hopefully Back to Work Soon””

  1. I hate to say it but I wouldn’t be surprised if news came of an official “break”… Permanently.

  2. Something in the water just doesn’t seem clean to me. I wish we could know how many songs they recorded during that time. Do they even have a projected timeframe for finishing this album up? Pretty soon it’ll be 10 years from now and they will still be recording with extended breaks. (slight sarcasm, but mostly serious)

  3. I know they don’t owe us any explanation at all, but I was under the impression that they’d be taking a week off earlier last month. Sometimes they’re so secretive and I don’t understand why. I think their creative process has slowed down again and I highly doubt we will be getting any music this year.

  4. So, that pretty much confirms that they haven’t done anything for the last month. Once again we are where we were 2010 and 2011 when everything was unclear too. Seems like they had a creative meltdown once again. What other reason could they have to just stop everything after things seemed to going on so well with the new music?

    Instead of starting to work on new music only to leave it unfinished after a few months they should’ve tried to promote P&S a little more and go on tour this summer. OMS could’ve made a nice single. What a waste.

  5. I think the chemistry between the band and the ability to make music has clearly faded. I mean they are all in their 40s now so it is understandable that the creative flow just doesn’t flow anymore. At this point I am expecting another doozer from what used to be my favourite band. (Sorry No Doubt!)

  6. A much needed break? I can’t help but smirk at that. I agree that the creative binge they were on must have slowed down. That’s a shame. If they don’t promote the next album (whenever it comes out) properly and wholeheartedly I think that will be it for me.

  7. If they don’t have the creative flow, this might not be the right answer, but maybe they could just bring in people to work with who will get it going? Surely they still get excited to be in the studio? They should get some new massive talent who is currently at the top of the creative scale who could get them bumping, they should bang a great song together….. These long processes never seem to turn out that great, especially not in the current music industry!!! Eve and Gwen working together on a solo single would be good… THOUGH I know it’s about the band and not solo Gwen but they need to get out there, maybe they could do a track with pharrel or something I don’t know..where it would be like pharrel and Gwen singing and the rest of the band do all the music…… I don’t know, they could do so many wonderful, successful things!

  8. I wish ND would just call it a day if this isn’t working out for them anymore. I smirked at the much needed break comment too.

  9. Seriously they have the option to take a break anytime they want. They don’t owe us anything.

    What irritates me the most it’s not even that (I can wait +1 year for a new album really) but the fact that they could have squeezed P&S a little more. If they have released OMS as the 3rd and final single would have been a more worthy end to this era.
    The minute interscope saw they wouldn’t go anywhere with that album they simply turned their backs.
    We’ve waited years and years for this and it feels like it barely happened.

  10. gwen’s too busy showing the world what new clothes she has in her closet.

    this news is very sad. hopefully soon? they don’t even have a plan? for some reason it seems like it’s hiding something deeper.
    i think they are bummed about the lack of success from p&s and this new bout of “creative energy and excitement” is just a front. they have pressures from the record label, fans and the public in general. maybe they’re just not feeling it. all the news about this new album has had a darker side. but maybe it’s just me.

  11. I guess I feel like they do owe me a little something. I’ve been a die hard fan for 19 years. Spent lots of money on them and have enjoyed every penny. I expect them to put in just as much effort I guess. Maybe that’s wrong. I respect that they are family oriented now, but I believe there’s a way to do both. Plenty of artists do it. For example, I don’t expect them to go on year-long world tours anymore, but I think a small summer tour wouldn’t be out of line. They should have done that this year. I’ve been listening to TK, BSC, ROS and RS a lot lately and it gets me hopeful and excited for what’s to come because those were all SO good, but then I see tweets like the one above and it gets me frustrated again. Anyway, don’t listen to me, I’m just venting haha

  12. Someone on the forum made a point and it makes sense: “this time period marks Kingston,Magnolia and Rio’s birthdays(…)Gavin has had a break from touring with Bush these past few weeks,giving Gwen the opportunity to spend some time with him and their family before he goes back on tour later this month.”

    Maybe they’ll be now back at it in full force? I’m also trying to see things from a different angle rather than be 100% pessimistic. It’s still possible to release a brand new song by the end of the year if the want.

  13. Did you guys ever stop to think that maybe we are in a weird time warp where ND just write and take breaks and the cycle keeps continuing itself?

    All jokes aside, this waiting process is so BORING. I get they have families and blah, blah, blah but I’m just not buying that they are into it anymore. Gwen especially.

  14. It isn’t a fair comparison I’m sure, but imagine if they had “real” jobs without nannys, great family, money, etc? I guess that’s why I still can’t get on board with the birthday excuse for not working. Their passion just isn’t what it used to be. Tony used to live and breath for the band and even his priorities seems to have shifted (to animals). If they don’t want to do it anymore, then I’d rather they just retire and stop stringing us along.

  15. Wow where is all of this negativity coming from? I was underwhelmed by P&S too but how are we seeing a month break as a sign of the end of the band?

  16. Zeek, I guess I just see it as an extension of how they were with P&S. It just seems so strained. From the way P&S turned out, the way it was handled, taking breaks that have stretched into months, and Gwen’s performances (especially her shit show with the Rolling Stones), it just seems like they are on auto pilot and going through the motions. And I feel that they could do a better job of communicating via Twitter, Facebook, ect. about taking breaks and telling their fans what’s up.

  17. at least they are still recording… i feel lucky they are still soing anything esp w their families being #1 priority as it should be… i still love push and shove and these comments are truly upsetting… No doubt need to find themselves as a band again and they are doing their best… it aint 1995 anymore… im thankful for everything they do.

  18. wow, who are we to judge. Yes, they are in their 40s and that means they need to be responsible adults to their families. If they all have other projects they are passionate about and working on- that’s their choice. They don’t owe us anything. A long time fan myself we should be happy they have been SO generous throughout the years and be happy For Them that they are able to have what they have and that they are taking the time to enjoy it. Just because they have money doesn’t mean their lives are easier and problem free. I think we are being selfish expecting so much for them. Yeah, maybe they are in a rut and are having trouble re cooperating from the last album. Give them a minute to get it together. and if it takes years- who cares! Does your life really depend on their making another album in the next year? And where does it say they need to report every detail to us? Tom was nice enough even to mention anything. I’m ready and waiting for the next ND thing but geez- no need to attack the band and start rumors that they are breaking up.

    1. I agree, Christal.

      I think as fans we have been too hard on them lately. Fans forget sometimes that they are just like you and me, humans. We have no idea what it’s like running their own families and being this huge mega band known as No Doubt. I admit that we all probably feel a little cheated how the Push and Shove era just ended but there must have been good reasons why. And we should be proud of the band for seizing the opportunity to get in the studio while inspiration struck. And for stepping out of their comfort zone. Things take time. And we need to give them that. They have been out of the loop for so long and coming back and things not going so well more than likely took a toll on them. We all just need to relax a little and just enjoy the moments with them. I’m sure they will be back to work in no time and wrapping up some incredible new music that we’re really blessed to be getting so soon from them.

      Keep it up, No Doubt. We love you!

  19. You’re right, Jenny. Not that this is history repeating itself, but I think we are a little concerned about the band after this last era, and seeing breaks this time around reminds me of the breaks that stretched on forever last time. I’m still optimistic about a new record.

  20. I agree with Christal G completely!!!!!
    People have been so harsh here to a band they’re supposed to love and so many people are being ignorant to reality! They’re expected to just get in the studio and knock together a few songs but it just isn’t like that! Think how long they have been going at it and just how different music is now compared to twenty years ago? Doing everything really isn’t as easy as people seem to make out; they might be struggling with what should be part of their nature which is the song-writing, producing, performing etc so I bet they’re all finding it hard to cope and then, when they’re not being successful in the studio but then the studio is taking over family time, I get why there would be a big issue there and then they could get to a point where they might just choose family over studio time-as family is most important obviously to everyone!

  21. I prefer Gwen solo rather than ND, Gwen solo career was much quicklier and successfull, no doubts time takes so long and is not worthed the music they made on P&S were not breathtaking. its a pitty but i am not a huge fun anymore. and as i read i depended on what Gwen did

  22. No Doubt >>>>>>>>>> Gwen solo
    And I’m a big fan of her solo effort. But there’s no comparison to ND.

  23. I love NO DOUBT, but gave up on Gwen, she’s not into it anymore, its forced and fake.

    She’s been holding this band back for too long, they need to ditch her and get a new singer just like STP did…

    I think its funny yall get more mad at a little break than Gwen canceling a whole tour and era for ND that we waited for, for 11 years, just because her kid is a brat and needs to be raised by an educated adult who can properly teach kids how to behave.

  24. I have been a huge fan of No Doubt since 1999. They have been my favorite band and I have listened to every interview, watched every live performance on tv, and listened to every album a million times. I was let down by P&S, it had a couple of good songs, but not worth the million years of waiting. I think that it sounded like they were trying to make a generic, please-all album, that took no risks. It sounded calculated. I refuse to believe this edgey, original, distinct group of musicians lost their gift. They need to say F U to the general public and make music their loyal fans like (before they all leave)–

    I think people have an unrealistic view of what raising children is. Firstly, the kids go to school all day, and Gwen has at least one nanny and a husband who’s career amounts to nothing these days. Even if she worked 9-5, and let the guys leave their kids to their wives, then everything will be settled. I don’t buy that excuse anymore. I think they’re being lazy, and the only inspiration they have is money.

    I think if they just didn’t care about the reviews. Once, Prince told Gwen, why put so much effort into making deep, intricate music when you should try to make every song a potential radio friendly single. They’re too old for that and need to let go of that advice and try making good music again. Otherwise, their career will follow Prince’s.

  25. I also think fans are being way to hard on Gwen. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this is Gwen we’re talking about. It’s extremely unfair to bring up her children and family obligations. I get that the band has put “blame”, even sarcastically, in the past on her but come on. We have no idea what really goes on in any of their private lives and I think its a real low blow to bring up money and lack of creativity.

    They were out of the game together for over a decade… it doesn’t happen overnight. It really hurts seeing a lot of comments you all are leaving but we all feel differently and expect so much from this band.

    We obviously all love them and just need to have a little bit more faith.

  26. OMG, if my parents just stop working and take a break like that for me and my sister, we´d be lost. They dont have a normal job. So it seems a joke to me.

    So many many artist can conciliate the music/family/clothes/whatever life. Why can´t they??? I think they are realy careless with us, fans. Seems that they forgot who gave all the fame and money they have today.

    If they want break up forever, just say it. Stop making a ilusion around it.

  27. I am happy they are not screwed up on drugs, covered with nasty TATs., in and out of rehab, going to court for D W I arrest They may be in a lul it is not easy to walk in a room and create magic from nothing just pull master songs out of the air. Lets cut these people some slack please they don”t work for us. If they do not make another record I will be a bit sad, but the great times and fun I have had listening to them over the years I will always be thankful for. I just want them to be and do what they think is best. I respect them and will be a fan till I pass away. God Bless us all.!!!! .

  28. Wow calm down guys. Now you’re being very unfair to Gwen. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her (own) decision. Last time I checked she’s in a band and she doesn’t decide everything they do. Besides, want it or not she’s the frontwoman and without her the band wouldn’t go anywhere. If they’re still together after 26 years it’s because they still find it fun to work together. They’re best friends, they even go to each other family parties.
    C’mon, give them a break. Even if it takes a whole year to release this album we should be thankful they’re still together and enjoying it. Just don’t expect them to have the same rhythm as 15 years ago. Their family is their number 1 priority. Many old band don’t even promote stuff like the old days, they simply release music.

    1. The band gave the impression earlier this year that they could only focus on one project at a time: either Push and Shove or new material. And the new material was the top priority.

      There is probably more behind it but that is what we know of the situation.

  29. I think it’s hard not to be hard on Gwen when she just appears to not be into it these days. While I don’t think that ND would or should ever replace her, she did put a significant setback on ND with this last album, especially after The Sweet Escape (hell, maybe even after L.A.M.B.). While we don’t know the exact situation of her family, she does have a nanny, family, and tons of money that allow her more time than someone that would ever work a “regular” job. Even with her commitments to her clothing line, it’s not like she’s huddled behind a desk drawing up patterns or sewing actual garments, she just provides creative oversight, and she can do that anywhere from her phone.

    1. I still think it’s extremely unfair because we have no idea what is going on in personal life that may have been a factor. And it’s none of our business. I can tell from interviews around the new album that she was still really into the band.

      We just have to take their words for it but I believe there is a lot of stuff going on for them all that might detract them away.

  30. It seems that the band knew P&S was dead after Looking Hot came out.

    OK I’m done being negative for this thread. I can’t wait to hear what jams they have been cooking up sooner than later. 🙂

  31. Simon, things are easier said than done. And no you just can’t provide creative oversight from a phone most of the time. That’s not how thing work in the real world. Her empire hasn’t happened overnight. It took some time and sweat to build up.

    Anyway it was their decision to take a long break. Don’t forget that the guys also had their well deserved break to be full time daddies. Even Tony who recently had a daughter.
    So yeah I think it’s disheartening to read certain comments. And what’s up with people saying they’re thinking of breaking up? Are you nuts? Seriously.

    You have 2 choices as a fan: You can accept they’re not the same No Doubt of 10 years ago, that their lives have changed drastically and music isn’t the priority anymore. They’re doing it as part-time just for fun. Or you can be a debbie downer all the time and see anything they do in a negative way.

    Of course we’re frustrated. P&S only lasted 6 months, but try to see things from different angles. Even if they take more than a year to release new music, it will be out at some point. Their lives have a different pace to things. Just don’t think that they owe us anything because they don’t. Eventually they will tour. Relax!

  32. Thank you NDLover, for I did not know how things worked in the real world before you explained them to me. I am forever humbled.

  33. I understand if people are pissed off, but no one should expect ND to progress with their material like how they did years before. I’m frustrated about the P&S era, but at this point, I hope that the era for their next album is amazing and makes up for everything. I’ve been a fan for over a decade, and I am grateful for all the joy they have brought me. If you lack the patience and would rather be rude about it, then leave.

  34. @ROB – Nasty TATS, As in nasty tattoos??? Whatever dude. Pay less attention ot the packaging, buddy!

    LAMB is suffering, the music is nowhere, HL is nowhere… They need to press the rest button. If that means taking a time out from work then so be it.

    Their kids and families are their number one priorities right now. If they don’t take time to savor and nurture now, the time will be gone forever. They are in a place where they have the luxury to take time out and enjoy their personal lives. Let ti be. There will be plenty of time for music later.

    FWIW, there is no drama to fuel the songwriting. That’s always been what drives their music. Their lives are perfect now and there’s nothing to write about. Something needs to flip the proverbial switch. It will come when the time is right. Until then, explore other music and let them live thier lives. they don’t owe any of us anything…

  35. The fact is this: we are posting on the beacon street online site, we all here are not just fans, but fans who have cred, we know their independently released album they had to release on their own because the record company would hassle them about their music sound and nearly dropped them.

    The website by title not only represents No Doubt’s unity as a group, but also represents the fans, the ones who supported them through thick and thin and by the perseverance of both, the creation of the Mega-selling TK became a reality.

    P&S is a new era, and it seems like it followed the same pattern of the last era with the self titled.

    The only way we can continue the success pattern is if they keep their love for music and their fans as the priority. They could have quit 19 years ago, and went to college and got “real jobs” but they didn’t– they became one of the most successful, influential bands to ever exist.

    BSC represents a failing band overcoming and exploding; changing the face of music forever. We are in the time of the BSC of this era. I hope they don’t give up or sell out.

    The only thing is I feel like they should communicate with their fans better, and let them know what is happening. Even if they say “we can’t discuss the progress” thats better than nothing!

  36. Gwen’s lyrics come from times in her life with great deals of emotions!! TK-Break up w Tony. ROS-Break up w Gavin. RS-So happy to finally be with Gavin. I just think right now all is good with Gwen,she is happy, she is not in agony or in over joy mode. She is living in the moment and has not much else to say. Whats can she say? The guys are amazing but Gwen is the genius, the heart and soul, the core. Watch out if she is ever in pain again or hurt then the grammys will come!! If not we have the tragic lyricless kindom era

  37. hard on them lately? I think they’re hard with their fans base since rock steady came out, every album is poppier and poppier and sometimes it seems like they don’t really like who put them in worldwide radios back in the 90s. I know they’re craving for a radio hit, but first hey baby (now I like rock steady but that song..) then push and shove (the song is actually decent, the whole album is a mess) and now this delay? really? guys i started follow them more than 15 years ago, Im about to turn 30, I don’t have have any hopes left. Sorry.

  38. It is summer time, I’m sure their kids are out of school for summer break, most famlies in america take a family vacation…. Why bash them for this?…..errrything in time….. 🙂

  39. u ppl are nuts. push and shove is a crazy fckn great record. I don’t care if it wasn’t given its due in promo. I’m just glad it’s mine to rock out in my car to.

  40. I guess I was just a little surprised by the backlash on here after hearing how well the new music was going and how easy it was happening for them. Gwen said she was feeling very inspired, Tom said the songs with Pharrell are epic etc… Maybe they did hit a wall who knows… Or maybe we are looking into this break a little too much.

    I would like to think that the mess that was the P&S era would imotivate them to make a really killer record, promote it properly and come back strong. Idk. It’s easy for us to be critics though. Being creative is not something you can turn on and off.

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