Tweets: Webisodes Next Week?; “Psycho”?

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Oh my goodness. Hyperventilating. So Gwen revealed that they were all in the studio having a “listening party” this afternoon — which we’re thinking was the new album. Gwen also said she’s back to working on vocals today and mentioned the name “Psycho”… another new title! Also, Tom hinted at us FINALLY seeing these webisodes that have been talked about for awhile “next week”. Keeping our fingers crossed!

@gwenstefani Have a great weekend! Gx

@nodoubt @TonyKanal @TomDumontND Two men getting ready to brave Friday evening Los Angeles traffic



@nodoubt @gwenstefani @TonyKanal @AdrianYoungND @TomDumontND In between vocal takes


@tonykanal Wrapping up this week in the studio with vocals from @gwenstefani @nodoubt @markspikestent


@gwenstefani studio at the end of the race – take 2 “Psycho” gx

@gwenstefani Singing – send me vibes gx


(If making this new album was hard) @tomdumontnd @kendakist Rock Steady was the only “easy” one. All the rest were hard 🙂

(On webisodes) @tomdumontnd @nodoubtheart @gwenstefani @tonykanal @adrianyoungnd next week? shhhh

@nodoubt Listening party w my creative chicks and rad brother Todd stefani 🙂 xx

7 Replies to “Tweets: Webisodes Next Week?; “Psycho”?”

  1. With all these great song titles, this had better be a double album! We deserve that much for waiting 10 years LOL I want to hear them all!!!

  2. I don’t like to see Gwen using that simbology with the hands in the eyes 🙁

    But it doesn’t matter. Let’s wait for the webisodes and the next week *-*

    Is that “Psycho” the album title? 😮

  3. Tom confirmed “Psycho” is the title of a new song.
    And Matheus, give me a break about the hands simbology. D’oh!

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