Tweets: Gwen Wants Azealia Banks


Anthony Gorry apparently was the one that introduced Azealia to the band and they wanted to contact her after that!

@AZEALIABANKS I played your record to Gwen Stefani & Tony from @nodoubt today in the studio.Very excited they loved your trip x Soon come…


Azealia responded back with an answer we would expect! We will have to wait and see if something comes out of it!


@nodoubt hell yea !

Interesting! Gwen offered Azealia Banks, an american rapper from New York, a spot on their album. This could be fun!

@AZEALIABANKS wanna sing on our record? Got a spot for u gx

oops, auto correct! gx

@azealiabanksu wanna sing on our record? Got a spot for u gx

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