Tweets: Gibson Night #2; More Photos Added

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The band just tweeted their first pic of the night! It’s of you guys – the fans! We can’t wait to see what this night holds for No Doubters! We hope everyone has fun and be sure to check back at this post for more tweets and photos during the night.



VIP pass (steverle)

Another VIP pass (seyfeyswifey)

Poster (HolyFoolErik)

Items included in tour club package (melimoo23)

@drfunkenberry Gwen brought a guy on stage who flew from Japan for the shows

@daveyhavok Preparing to share a stage with Gwen. I hope that some of you may share the evening with us this Wednesday.

@noxdoubtxbush @beaconstreet Jimmy Iovine is in the house a row in front of me for #ndnight2

@tomdumontnd Backstage at Gibson on #ndnight2 Yes there’s a hot chick in my dressing room and YES I cannot wait to rock tonight!

@nodoubt #ndnight2

7 Replies to “Tweets: Gibson Night #2; More Photos Added”

  1. I really want them to perform DTSD. That song is magical. I hope they take into account that a lot of us fans would love to hear the new material.

  2. I wonder if Gwen forgets the lyrics to One More Summer again tonight??? She played it off amazing but did anyone notice that LOL

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