Tweets: “Settle Down” Video Shoot Day 1

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Exciting! Looks like the band is starting to share photos from the band’s first day of the “Settle Down” video shoot! This is our first taste at the look for the new era — we cannot wait to see more! They all look amazing and it’s nice to see Steve at the video shoot as well!

The video will be filming over the next two days and nights!

@tonykanal Could be the first time @TomDumontND is getting his makeup done at 1:35am. Or maybe not.

@tonykanal Halfway through today’s shoot and it’s only 1:30am

@tomdumontnd yes hopefully a bunch “@GGNDRiRock: @nodoubt Are we getting a “Behind the scenes” video and/or pics for this new video???”

@tomdumontnd Who’s awake?! Adrian gets a catnap between shots

@tomdumontnd still going strong here. Setting up the next shots “@moderationlovin: @TomDumontND How was the video shoot today? Can’t wait to see it!!”

(On “Settle Down”) @tomdumontnd @utndfan its got a dancehall beat but a 180 otherwise. Spring reverb-soaked ska guitars propell this one 🙂


@gwenstefani So I guess we r shooting a frick’in video right now – what up!!! Gx

@tomdumontnd wrapped at 4- home now- time 2sleep“@nodoubter29: @TomDumontND Are you guys still on set? This is so amazing. We really are getting close.”

@baxterbeezy Tom chillin

@tomdumontnd @nodoubternate two days/nights. We’ll be going deep into the night

@tomdumontnd @BaxterBeezy hanging at the @nodoubt #settledown shoot!

@adrianyoungnd Video time!! Let’s do this.

@tomdumontnd Adrian preparing for “Settle Down” vid shoot

6 Replies to “Tweets: “Settle Down” Video Shoot Day 1”

  1. Yay Steve!!!

    And at first glance when I saw the thumbnail of the picture of Adrian, I thought his hair was on fire.

  2. My friend was telling me how her friend saw gwen at Downey studios, which is just down the street from my house, and then I came on here and saw this, so im assuming they’re filming the video here in downey 😮

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