Tweets: Getting Ready For GMA

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No Doubt shared a bunch of photos this morning while getting ready for Good Morning America this morning!

@baxterbeezy No Doubt fans are the best!!!!

@nodoubt Thanks Geo, thanks everyone for coming to see us in NYC, we love you guys!

@gwenstefani On our way to u gx @good morning America gx

@tomdumontnd On our way to central park for #GMANoDoubt #GMA @nodoubt!!!

@gwenstefani Mainly kevin gx

@gwenstefani Teamwork gx

@nodoubt You will not want to miss @NoDoubt on @GMA today at 7AM ET!Use #GMANoDoubt to connect with other fans during the show.

@gwenstefani @GabrialMcNair @TonyKanal morninghawk gx

@gwenstefani Looking forward to seeing all u early birds in central park this morning gx

@gabrialmcnair For my 100th tweet, I would like to thank the ND fans for all the love and support @GMA is gonna rock, rain or shine! Let’s do all three!

@gwenstefani Make me look good gx

@gwenstefani @TomDumontND good morning Tom gx


@gwenstefani @AdrianYoungND @TonyKanal @TomDumontND Adrian is tired gx cute

@gwenstefani Hair and makeup @DaniloHair @gregoryarlt gx muffins

@gwenstefani Early morning makeup gx @gregoryarlt

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