Tweets: Gabe McNair In The House

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Pretty exciting! Tony Tweeted this afternoon that Gabe is back in the studio recording horns with them today. We wish them the best and we’re so happy to see him!

It’s confirmed now that we will be hearing horns on “Psycho”!

@nodoubt @gwenstefani preparing for the ‘addicted to love’ video auditions

@tonykanal @gwenstefani @nodoubt in between takes, real smile


@tonykanal @gwenstefani @nodoubt in between takes, fake smile

(On “Psycho”) @tomdumontnd @fantasyofroses its PSYCHO! Tricky and we’re trying to crack the code on it.

(On upcoming webisodes) @tomdumontnd @GGNDRiRock hopefully real soon, editing now

@nodoubt weds morning studio update: @GabrialMcNair tracking trombone on Psycho

@tonykanal @GabrialMcNair in the house!

@tonykanal @GabrialMcNair likes my jokes @nodoubt

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