Tweets: Finishing Up Recording Acoustics

The band shared that they are in the studio again this afternoon finishing up recording their acoustic versions! It’s been confirmed that “Settle Down” is getting the soft treatment as well as three others. Cannot wait to hear them!

Tom also confirmed that the acoustic tracks they are recording will get released but he can’t disclose where yet.

@nodoubt @TonyKanal pretending to sing 🙂

@tomdumontnd yes “@sydandspencer: @TomDumontND Is Settle Down more of a reggae or ska sound? :)”

@nodoubt @GabrialMcNair more harmonies

@nodoubt @BaxterBeezy Stephen Bradley up next. Harmonies on acoustic Settle Down


@tomdumontnd They will be released, can’t announce where yet “@GwenStefaniBR: @TomDumontND Do you already know that the acoustics will be released?”

@nodoubt @gwenstefani vocals for acoustic version of Settle Down sounding wicked!

@tomdumontnd Finishing the recording of 4 acoustic bonus tracks today! “@hitulikerambo: @TomDumontND What’s @nodoubt up to today? Recording? :)”

@tomdumontnd new Events page up on our website! more to be added soon!


@nodoubt Crap! I forgot to post a tattoo pic yesterday. Sorry. Here are two.

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