Tweets: Day 1 Of Band Rehearsals

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Tom revealed today that they are mastering “Settle Down” this afternoon and is day one of band live rehearsals! Pretty exciting — has to be such a great feeling for them. Is it for us!

Tom also said that there is a “good chance” we will get the second webisode this week!

Looks like it’s just the boys tonight in the studio — Gwen is solo at a photo shoot. Could it be for a magazine?

@gwenstefani had a great photo shoot today! @TonyKanal @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND can’t wait to get into the new songs with you guys. see you soon xG

@adrianyoungnd Ready to Rock!! Rehearsal, Day 1.

@nodoubt While we’re working out all the kinks @gwenstefani is doing a photo shoot – Tony

@nodoubt @baxterbeezy

@nodoubt @gabrialmcnair

@nodoubt @tonykanal

@nodoubt @adrianyoungnd

@nodoubt @tomdumontnd

@nodoubt First day of rehearsal for this album!!! Epic moment for us – Tony

@baxterbeezy Gabe working out the kinks

@tomdumonntnd yep gotta pull everything together. “@beaconstreet: @TomDumontND @nodoubt Are you rehearsing more than just “Settle Down”?”

@tomdumontnd @nodoubt agenda today: mastering “Settle Down” and also day 1 of band rehearsals. I can’t wait to plug in and blast today!

@tomdumontnd Good chance of a webisode this week,not that I have any credibility in that dept haha “@NXD2012: hey tom, think we’ll get that webisode?”

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