Tweets: Checkered Vans In The Studio

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The band is back in the studio — Tom is rocking his sick checkered Vans and weenie dogs socks. They are also munching on homemade lemon bars. Sounds like a great session!

We also want to thank the incredible Tom Dumont for giving us and our fellow favorite fan site, Everything In Time, a very special shout out on Twitter this afternoon. Seriously, this band means so much to us and it’s incredibly surreal to have the love and support straight from them all these years. Thank you No Doubt for your hard work and dedication to yourselves and all your fans around the world.

@tonykanal @nodoubt @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND heading home from a great day in the studio. tomorrow vocals from @gwenstefani goodnight everyone!

@tomdumontnd @TonyKanal doing final bass lines on “Push & Shove” and “Undone” tonight. @nodoubt

@tomdumontnd @beaconstreet @vans_66 Yes weenie dog socks 🙂

@tomduomntnd Wore my checkered #Vans to the studio today. @vans_66 @nodoubt

@tomdumontnd Thx to 1/2 of @thingsweheart for sending homegrown/made tasty treats to the studio today! @TonyKanal @nodoubt

@tomdumontnd everybody follow my fav @nodoubt fan sites @EITnd @beaconstreet 🙂 Thx, Tom

@tomdumontnd Okay thanks everyone for getting me to 6k! Now lets try to keep it right there. No mas! Too many followers could dilute my power. Thx, Tom

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