Tweets: Camping Out Waiting For Premiere

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Well it seems like we’re not the only ones camping out for this premiere — the band is, too… literally! Adrian just shared an awesome photo of himself and Tom sitting by a campfire saying they are counting down for the “Settle Down” release! We’re all in this together, No Doubters! Almost time!

Tony also shared that he was checking out the Ziggy Marley concert in Hollywood!

@tomdumontnd Gotta sign off w 30 minutes to go. Sleepy boys here…G’nite folks, we awake to a new song and a new era!

@baxterbeezy @Nodoubt fans are fidda break Twitter tonight…‪#truefans‬

@adrianyoungnd Camping during the countdown with @TomDumontND. 2 1/2 hours to go!!!

@tonykanal Celebrating our single release eve watching Ziggy Marley kill it at the Hollywood Bowl. We opened for him in 91. Rad.

@tomdumontnd I’m hearing a rumor that ‪#SettleDown‬ will be up on the iTunes store at midnight tonight -not confirmed- but worth a try if you’re up late.

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