Tweets: Boys Recording Vocals

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Pretty incredible! The band just shared some photos of themselves recording vocals for the new album! And yes, it’s the boys! We are so excited to hear what’s going on! Tom also confirmed that the band is just putting the finishing touches on the album!

Exciting day in the studio, everything is taking shape.
@markspikestent is getting all mix-y and it’s awesome to watch. -Tom

“@FouxDuFaFaFa: @nodoubt do we know a release date yet?” It’s gonna happen. Once we have exact dates we’ll let you know here first. -Tom

“@Carshbrown: @nodoubt can’t wait to here the new album. #patientlyawaiting” Thx for being patient! just finishing touches now… -Tom

“@EITnd: Thanks @cynelectric for sharing a music video @nodoubt to open for ND on the next…” Awesome! Love it! -ND

One more

Dude vocals today, cue up that auto tune! haha.

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