Tweets: Did The Band Reveal They Are Working With Busy Signal?

It seems like the band is talking about thier collaboration song with Diplo and Major Lazer, “Settle Down”, via Twitter. It’s driving us crazy not knowing exactly what’s going on — what a tease! It looks like they are Tweeting Diplo while he is in Jamaica working with reggae artist, Busy Signal (click here to find out more info on him!). Looks like we may know another collaborator!

I guess it’s out that Major Lazer is not only working on “Push and Shove” with the band but also “Settle Down”!

@diplo yes that sounds like a plan! – tony

@diplo: @nodoubt this is perfect idea! 3rd verse back and forth yes?

@diplo hey wes get some more verses from busy signal for settle down while you’re in JA – tony

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